Our Team

Jason Sausaman

Visual Design Director

Jason Sausman

Jason has solid agency and corporate creative marketing experience in his toolbox for fine-tuning the Q4 brand and pinpointing the best ways to tell our clients’ stories through visual communication. He began his career as a graphic designer for Malone Advertising, then more recently moved up through the ranks at The Step2 Company where he was Art Director and then Creative Manager. He holds a BA in Visual Communication Design and Advertising from Kent State University. Jason is an enthusiastic team player who understands that there’s much more to every one of us than meets the eye. He finds inspiration in Carl Sagan’s writings about how small we are in the history of the universe, and how very little we know. He has a keen eye for what makes the most meaningful impact and hopes to one day carry that vision with him on a flight into space where he’ll get the true Little Blue Dot perspective we could all use.