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Ami Gignac

Executive Vice President

Ami Team

Ami began her career as a front-line shift supervisor at one of the largest limestone quarries in Ohio. She holds a BS in Mining Engineering from Colorado School of Mines and spent the past 15 years leading, managing, developing, and inspiring multi-generational employees. Ami provides the unique dual perspective of on the ground and behind a desk leadership with a large corporation, privately owned companies, and small businesses. Don’t be fooled by her uncanny ability to make you laugh (she’s a self-certified hog doula who has single-handedly castrated more than 100 piglets, with no regret.) That sharp wit goes together with a razor-sharp ability to hone in on client and team member wants and needs, and she draws on her vast industry knowledge to offer the most effective solutions to any problem that arises. No pressure, Ami!